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Joshua Deardens Photography, would be honored to take your portraits for you. If you have any questions or would like to book a session please feel free to contact me. At Joshua Deardens Photography, I take pride in delivering high quality service, with High Quality Prints.

What is Portrait Photography?

Imagine if a client asked Joshua Deardens Photography, to define who he or she is in a photo, ultimately photographing their personality to preserve it forever. Well, at Joshua Deardens Photography, I wouldn't just take a quick photo of that person, would you? You'd have to consider how the background and the clients position would help to emphasize his or her key characteristics and features. Well, welcome to the world of Portrait Photography. Portrait Photography is so much more than a snapshot of a clients face; it is so much more. Such as capturing the essence of a persons identity, and attitude, which means a portrait photographer has a really big job to do.

What can I expect from hiring Joshua Deardens Photography for my Portraits?

You probably not just looking for someone to click the shutter, but someone who understands who you are and with whom you can quickly build a great business relationship with. You will know the right photographer for you immediately, because you will click with them instantly on a personal level. As someone who truly values the power of photography. Its not just a business to me. Photography is and always will be a hobby of mine. Amongst other things, such as Graphic Design, & Graphic Web Design. But you want a photographer who is fully present and engaged with who you are, so they can effortlessly bring out the best in you! And that is exactly what you get during your experience with Joshua Deardens Photography. I personally gaurantee the delivery of High Quality prints and excellent customer service throughout the whole experience.


Portrait photography is all about the face. A photographer's goal is to take a carefully crafted photograph of a person's distinguishing facial features while capturing the person's attitude, identity, and personality. The photo may include a blurred background and the person's body, but those factors are not emphasized in the image. A portrait is carefully planned and rehearsed with the client. That's why a candid photo is not considered a portrait. Does that mean that a portrait cannot appear candid? Definitely not; this should be taken into account depending on the client's overall attitude and the purpose of the image. A portrait, regardless of whether it appears candid, should be planned with the client. The background, props, client's dress and position, and the angle of the photo should be prepared before the actual photo shoot takes place.


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